Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Cupcake cones!

I saw this idea on Pinterest but I attempted it without looking up a recipe! 

I didn't think they were going to turn out so well, but I saved them and they were perfect for little K's birthday party! 

What's needed:
Foil pans (I used small ones but you can use 1 big one) 
Cake mix
Flat bottom ice cream cones

Follow instructions on cake mix. Mixing and bake time for cupcakes.

Pour batter into cones. Be sure to leave room for expansion. Ha! I didn't and they over flowed! But I saved them so don't worry! 

Place in oven and bake.

Once done, allow to cool.

If they overflowed, you can cut off the cake on the side of the cone. The icing will cover the damage ;) 

Lots of icing all over the top and side of come and add the sprinkles. 

Tada!!! Easy!! 

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